30 UNDER 30

10. Ramzi Mallat

Age: 26
Occupation: Artist
Nationality: Lebanese
Residence: Lebanon
Category: Creative

Mallat is one of the youngest artists to have had a solo exhibition in the UNESCO Palace in Beirut. He has also showcased his art in the Cervantes Institute in Beirut and collaborated with the Arab Foundation for Freedom and Equality on a group exhibition in Cyprus. Mallat is currently completing his master’s degree at the Royal College of Art in London and finalizing a short documentary about the socio-economic crisis in Lebanon. He will be releasing his first publication with Dergham in January 2023. He has been selected for an upcoming artist residency with the Nirox Foundation in Johannesburg, South Africa, in July 2023. He has solo exhibitions in London with the Danuser & Ramirez Gallery in October 2022 and the P21 Gallery in October 2023.