Georg Schroeckenfuchs
Global Meets Local 2021

Georg Schroeckenfuchs

Rank: 12

Company: Novartis Pharma Services

Designation: President and Head of MEA Cluster

Sector: Pharmaceuticals

Nationality: Austrian

Global headquarters: Switzerland

MENA headquarters: U.A.E.

Schroeckenfuchs has been at the helm of Novartis’ business in MENA since 2018. His responsibilities extended to include South Africa at the beginning of 2020. Today he leads a team of 2,508 people. The firm achieved 9% growth in the MEA region up to July 2021 compared to 2020, while the market grew by 6.6%. In June 2021, Novartis MEA signed an agreement with Egypt’s Ministry of Health to provide Spinal Muscular Atrophy therapy in the country for the first time. Schroeckenfuchs is also a member of the Novartis APMA Leadership Team, the Academic Marketing Society, and the Pharmaceutical Marketing Club Austria.