56. Agility

Country: Kuwait
Sector: Logistics
CEO and Vice-Chairman: Tarek Sultan
Market Value: $5.1 billion
Sales: $2.8 billion
Profits: $284 million
Assets: $10.9 billion

Agility is a public shareholding company incorporated in 1979 and listed in both Boursa Kuwait and Dubai Financial Market. The group provides logistics services, customs digitization services, remote infrastructure services, fuel logistics, and property and commercial facility management in more than 65 countries. In April 2023, Agility entered into multi-year funded equity collar agreements with Morgan Stanley Bank, Citibank, National Association, and Goldman Sachs Bank Europe SE, allowing it to drawdown up to $1.1 billion in relation to shares, representing up to 7.5 million worth of Agility’s stake in DSV. In August 2022, the company acquired a 100% equity interest in U.K.-based aviation services provider John Menzies Limited for $777 million.