Top 50 Listed Companies
In Egypt 2022

6. Al Ezz Dekheila Steel Co. – Alexandria (EZDK)

Sector: Industrials

Managing Director: Raed El-Beblawy

Market value: $562 million

Sales: $3.3 billion

Profits: $314 million

Assets: $2.7 billion

Previously known as Alexandria National Iron and Steel Co, AL Ezz Dekheila Steel Co.– Alexandria is a subsidiary of Ezz Steel. It is the largest steel manufacturing facility in Egypt, with a total capacity of 3.2 million tons of finished steel products per year. Ezz Steel owns 64% of AL Ezz Dekheila Steel Co.– Alexandria, the National Investment Bank owns 8.2%, and the National Bank of Egypt owns 5.8%. The company’s sales nearly doubled in 2021, following a net loss in 2020. The company’s subsidiaries include Ezz Flat Steel, Ezz Rolling Mills, and the Hadid for Industry, Trading, and Contracting Company (Contrasteel). The company acquired 18% of Egyptian Steel in 2022.