Top CEOs In The Middle East
Rank: #70

Mosaed Al Ohali

Sector: Mining
Company: Ma’aden
Designation: CEO 
Nationality: Saudi
Residence: Saudi Arabia

Under Al Ohali’s leadership, Ma’aden plans to increase its production capacity to nine million tons of phosphate fertilizers by 2025. The state-owned mining company recently secured a deal to supply phosphate fertilizer to the Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation in 2021. In 2019, Ma’aden bought an 85% stake in Mauritius’ Meridian Group, the company’s first international acquisition. Ma’aden reported sales of around $5 billion in Q4 2020. The mining company contributed $4 million to the Health Endowment Fund in 2020. Al Ohali’s career in the industrial and petrochemical sector spans more than three decades and before joining Ma’aden he held several executive positions at SABIC.