ahlam ashamsi
Arab Music Stars 2021

Ahlam Alshamsi

Nationality: Emirati

557,000 subscribers on YouTube

Ahlam has been a star of the Arab music industry for over 25 years, having released her first album in 1995 and her latest “Fedwat Oyounak” in February 2021. Among other ventures, Ahlam has recently created her own perfumes, collaborating with ROJA Parfums in 2018, Atyab al Khayal in 2020, and Stéphanie de Brujin in 2021.

Ahlam has over 557,000 subscribers on YouTube, with her videos viewed more than 232 million times as of March 19, 2021. She is the most followed Emirati singer on social media, with more than 31 million followers across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as of the end of 2020.