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Arab Music Stars 2021


Nationality: Lebanese

#3 most-streamed Arab singer in MENA on Deezer

Elissa, known among her fans as the “Queen of Romance,” first appeared on the famous Lebanese music competition “Studio Alfan” in 1992. She has collaborated with many brands throughout her career, including Christian Dior and jeweler L’azurde. In 2017, Elissa became the brand ambassador for contact lens company AirOptix Colors and FreshLook. She was also a brand ambassador for Pepsi in the Middle East and appeared in ads with Christina Aguilera. In February 2021, she released the first episode of her new weekly podcast on Anghami.

In 2020, Elissa was the third most-streamed Arab singer in MENA on Deezer, and her album “Sahbit Raey” was the most-streamed album in MENA on the platform. She was also among the top 50 most-streamed Arab singers on Anghami. She has over 3.3 million subscribers on YouTube, with her videos viewed more than 955 million times as of March 25, 2021. Elissa had over 56 million followers across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as of the end of 2020, making her the second most followed Arab singer on social media.